Superoutburst of AK Cnc in 2003 March-April

(AK Cnc in superoutburst, CCD image taken by Okayama U. Sci. team)


(vsnet-outburst 5353)

CNCAK 20030322.835 135 Scp Henden/Sumner sequence

(vsnet-outburst 5355)

AK Cnc possible outburst. Observation made through clouds, could someone confirm.

CNCAK 030322.411 135 Stu.RASNZ OUTBURST?

Rod Stubbings
(vsnet-outburst 5356)

AK Cnc is in outburst...

Mar 22.892 12.9 Seq. TA

Gary Poyner
(vsnet-outburst 5357)
Star             UT            Mag
CNCAK     Mar 23.844     13.2     Seq. Henden

Eddy Muyllaert
Oostende, Belgium
(vsnet-campaign-dn 3553)
CNCAK 20030321.85  <140 Scp 
CNCAK 20030322.835  135 Scp 
CNCAK 20030323.835  134 Scp
CNCAK 20030324.868  135 Scp
The most recently observed outbursts of this SU UMa-type dwarf nova occurred in 2001 April and 2001 November (both superoutbursts).

Superhump period

(vsnet-campaign-dn 3583)

Dear Colleagues,

We have received time-series photometry of AK Cnc during the recent superoutburst from Jochen Pietz (four nights), Nyrola Observatory team (Arto Oksanen and Pertti Paakkonen), Tanabe-san and Okayama U. Sci. team, Torii-san (RIKEN), and Kyoto data. Due to the unexpected "interruption" by GRB 030329, some of the entire large amount data (the data almost covered the superoutburst in spite of the contemoranous occurrence of the GRB!) still need to be analyzed. A preliminary analysis of a partial set of data has yielded a mean superhump period of 0.06736 d, which is slightly shorter than the literature value. The period change is almost zero, but has a slight indication of a positive period derivative. Is it likely the superhump period of AK Cnc is located close to the borderline between positive and negative Pdot systems. There have been intriguing change in the superhump profile (e.g. double-wave modulations during the early and late stages), which needs to be analyzed in detail using the complete data set.

Taichi Kato
VSNET Collaboration team

Past infotmation

Previous observation of superhumps in 1995 (paper)

The 1995 March superoutburst

Possible Outburst in 1996 January

Possible Outburst in 1996 May

Identification as an SU UMa-type dwarf nova (1992)

Related Short-Period Systems

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